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Choose us for the best truss transport services in Florida - reliable, efficient, and customer-focused.
On Time Transport does what it stands for.


With our neat statewide network we are flexible and capable to lead your operations a full success.


High standards in expertise brings us nothing but the best experience for our customers and their projects.

Special Features thats make you Worry Less

All In One Service

We provide a wide variation when it comes to hauling and transportation. Discover our All in One Service!

Always by your side

Your Challenge is our challenge.
Weather you lead a truss project, are responsible for cargo transportation or heavy hauling, we are there for you. Don´t have a solution on hand?
We got you, our logistic experts will determine the
right strategy to find an efficient solution.

Transportation To Keep Your  Business Moving

Why On Time Transport LLC is different to the competition.

Quality Control System

Not only we have dedicated account managers, but also implemented a strict quality control system. From loading till delivery, every step will undergo a second check to avoid any delays.

Blockchain Logistics

Web 3.0 and Blockchains are here.
Not only us benefits from it but also our customers, from live tracking to smart contracts and less operational fees, we´re all set up.


When it comes to truss transport, On Time Transport is the company to go. We´ve always been in this field and since then just expanded more into the niche.
There is nothing we can´t do for you.

Seamless processing

From customer integration, to fast contracting, everything with us follows a strict plan.
Never get lost in the process, by our modern system we implemented, you will headache-free customer experience.
Let´s get it started.

Florida Largest Truss
Transport Service

Take a Look at our 2022 Numbers.


Our Blogs

July 29, 2022
By On Time Transport LLC

Concrete Transport: Tips and Strategies for Safe and Efficient Delivery

Transporting concrete safely and efficiently requires careful planning and attention to detail. In this blog, we'll provide you with tips and strategies for delivering concrete safely and efficiently, including best practices for transportation, handling, and pouring. We'll also cover the most common challenges that concrete transporters face, such as traffic, weather, and site constraints, and how to overcome them. Whether you're a driver, contractor, or project manager, this guide is designed to help you ensure a successful and trouble-free delivery of your concrete.

March 28, 2023
By On Time Transport LLC
March 28, 2023
By On Time Transport LLC
March 28, 2023
By On Time Transport LLC

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